A workable solution for jiofi.local.html is not opening

Why jiofi.local.html is not opening?

If you own a JioFi router, you might be wondering how you can log in to your settings. Well, you have two options. The first is through IP address which you can find on the sticker attached to your device. And the second one is by going to this site: jiofi.local.html.

Between the two, it is easier to use the latter as you won’t have to search for the address of the router. But in case you faced issues while accessing the site, such as it’s not opening or working, we got you covered. Proceed below to know some solutions to your problem. 

How to resolve jiofi.local.html not opening issue

Actually, it is pretty simple to resolve the issue of the JioFi router’s login. It’s not complicated so here are the things you can do. 

jiofihtml not opening
  • Router status

Probably, the reason behind this issue is the router itself. It can be because the device is not plugged in properly. So, before you access the login site, make sure that your router is in the normal working condition. You can ensure this if all the router lights are on. 

  • Firewall

Another thing which may possibly hinder your access to the login page is a firewall. This, somehow, restricts your ability to go to a certain site. So, check whether you have an enabled firewall on your computer. If there is, make sure to disable such so that you’ll be able to freely access any sites. 

  • Reset connection

If the two solutions did not work, the last thing you can do is to reset your connection. This might be the reason why you cannot open the site. Accessing to any router login page requires stable internet. Thus, it is best to have a good network connection before you proceed with logging in to the site and changing settings.

Now that you have learned the workaround when the jiofi.local.html is not opening, you might want to learn how to change or reset jiofi password.

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